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Founder & Creative Director

They say children don't remember what you try to teach them, they remember what you are. That is where my story begins. I  grew up in a family where my mom and dad tried to make the best out of the limited resources. Our house in Jaipur was small and tight but well organized and the most beautiful pad in the area. Years later, in college, as if a fish were taken to the water, I enthusiastically participated in the planning and organizing of events and functions and bringing them to a beautiful closure.  Later, with a Doctorate in Commerce, I worked with educational institutions for a few years before meeting with a happy coincidence which later was to turn into my IKIGAI. I am sure 'Coincidence' is a god's way of being anonymous and here I am. 


Looking back, I realize my fascination with 'PRESENTATION' had to do with how my life would unfold eventually. As a homemaker, in rented apartments or my own nest(now), in India or The United States,  I did my best presentation and enjoyed every moment of it. So technically I believe in unlimited possibilities of a WOW  presentation. Being a  Leo comes with an advantage-Hosting is another liveliness that I rejoice in. Whether it's a get-together or a house party, I have always stepped up and ended up taking over everything on myself. 

My key strengths are 
Functionality meets fashion- Providing the best mix of fashion with comfort in the budget you have in mind is my USP.  I love taking the elements I see around me and incorporating them into the events I plan.

 All and sundry approach- To accommodate what the host desires and the guests will reminisce for a long long time. This marriage always works magic.  I am obsessed with the design aspect, emotion, and energy of an event day and being a part of helping that magic come to life.

Most importantly,  I am a people person and this venture is an extension of my very OWN SELF. Interacting with people, engaging with their needs, and producing a memory worth cherishing for their life,  gives me immense satisfaction and joy. 

It is my personal vision and heart desire to manifest a High Touch environment where we have the possibility to engage and eventually live in High Touch. I aspire to be available to my clientele, apprehend their dream, and mentor them to reality. I intend to serve my best through my visionary planning, organization, and execution and build a microcosm of perfect memory. If this resonates with you, let me know and connect with me. I offer all I have to give but the vision can only manifest through us as a team. 

Founder & Lead Planner
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